Dance Group


The Cypriot Youth of Brisbane Dance Group has been performing traditional Cypriot dances across Brisbane and surrounding areas for close to 40 years.

Formed back in the late ‘70s by a group of passionate Cypriot community members, the group has continued to provide opportunities for future generations to learn Cypriot folk dances and perform these dances to the wider community.

Many of the dances performed draw on traditional stories and themes reflecting the village culture of Cyprus. Even in modern times, these dances are still enjoyed at Cypriot weddings and celebrations.

2021 Dancing Year

For anyone interested in participating and wanting to be part of the Cypriot Youth Brisbane Dance Group, there are plenty of opportunities to attend.

– Senior Dancers (Aged 14 – 30 yrs) – Dancing on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm. Contact us on Facebook via a private message or send us an email if you are new and would like to join.

COVID Safe Plan return to dancing

In order to get back into dancing while remaining COVID safe, we are working our way through a COVID Safe Plan to meet the industry standards for Dancing and Physical Performing Arts. Participants will notice a number of changes from additional posters, hygiene facilities and capacity limits in the facility. More information will be available to view once we have identified and implemented all of our requirements for getting back to dancing.


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